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Taking a Bull to Cuckold My husband

hubby! you're awake. Are you wondering why you're so tightly tied up in front of your Wife kneeling before another man's cock? Or have you figured it out? Remember when we got married and you told Me you would try anything for Me? I'm sure you also remember how recently when I brought up My desire to take a bull to cuckold you, you laughed in my face. Well, are you taking Me seriously now? I've gone ahead and found that bull, and now, while you're all securely tied and immobile, you are going to pay close attention while I teach you your responsibilities as My cuck. First, I will need you to prepare My bull, and at the same time prepare Me. It's very erotic for Me to shove the head of My cuck down on my bull's cock, but I've noticed in the past that "straight" men tend to have some inability to open their throat, and it really gets in the way of My enjoyment. Watch how I open my throat and take my bull's cock...because next time, it's going to be your throat that cock is down! See how hard he gets? And how turned on it gets me to force My own husband to watch Me suck a nice big black cock? That's just the warm-up. What REALLY gets Me is making you clean up. So I'm going milk all of My bull's cum out right onto My face, and then you're going to lick it off! you love kissing your Wife, don't you? Good, because these are the only kind of kisses you'll be getting from now on...and they're the ones that actually make Me cum.
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Taking a Bull to Cuckold My husband
Taking a Bull to Cuckold My husband



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