» » You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold

You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold

It must have been so challenging for you my little cuckold, hearing me in the next room fucking that bull. I know you would have loved to have seen it, me getting fucked doggy style by a huge cock. His cock was so much bigger than yours. Pull out your little dick, let me look at it. Yep, so much smaller than his. He stretched my pussy out in ways you never could.
His big cock fucked me in my pussy and my ass and he came in both of them. I know how jealous you are. You've always wanted to fuck my holes but all you ever get to do is lick them clean. And today is no different. You're going to lick and suck my stud's cum out of my pussy and my asshole. Aren't you so lucky? It's a privilege you know. How humiliating, cleaning another man's cum out of my asshole. I'll sit on your face and let it drip down on you out of my asshole on your face. I want you to work hard for that cum.
Show me how desperate you are for it. Drink that cum mixed with my pussy juices. Drink the cum out of my dirty asshole. Look how hard this is making your little dick. As humiliating as this is it turns you on. So stroke that little inadequate dicklette while you lick my stud's cum. Stroke and stare at my freshly fucked asshole. You worship my ass and pussy that you never get to fuck.
Stroke and imagine licking all that cum out of my asshole. Taste that cum and my ass juice. So dirty, so naughty. But you don't care, you'll do anything to get a bit of attention from me. You love being my cuckold, it's all you've ever wanted. You love being degraded like this. It fucking blows your mind. You love making a fool of yourself for me. You love eating cum for me. You're so fucking pathetic. You're nothing but a cum cleaner. You're a cum guzzling cuckold.

You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold
You’re A Cum Guzzling Cuckold


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