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Convincing Boyfriend To Give Self Facial

So you start sweet talk and reason with me to try to convince me to do it. You tell me that its only fair that I experience what all girls have to feel like when they give blowjobs and take facials. Why should you be the only one that has to get cum on their face? If I don't do it then you won't do it. You start to tease me and show how you would slip to your knees and take me in your mouth, licking your lips and let me explode all over your face once I do this 1 little thing. You use the logic I tried to use on you to convince you....you tell me its "not such a big deal", it'll be between you and me and nobody will know about it. You want to see what is the obsession is for guys and facials and why they think facials look so hot/sexy. You want me to be able to tell you what the cum feels/tastes like. To make it "easier" for you to do it. That's the deal. I can take it or leave it. I eventually give in and do as you tell me. You give me some JOI and dirty talk on what you're going to do for me after I finish. You get me to get on my back and cum on my own face. You are "shocked" that I actually went through with it and giggle (not a mean laugh) about it. I must have wanted it really bad...you ask me how it tastes/feels. Is it a sticky/gooey/gross as everyone makes it out to be? I tell you that it is...you then inform me that since I think its gross it probably isn't something for you either. You tell me that you never promised that you would do it....just that you would think about it....and I helped show why this isn't for you. You tell me to get cleaned up and you'll fix me some dinner and give me a kiss.
Added: 5/19/20
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Convincing Boyfriend To Give Self Facial
Convincing Boyfriend To Give Self Facial

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