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CEI Blackmail

Casey forays into femdom with a custom cum-eating instructions video. I seduced you at a bar and now we're in my room...do you think I'm going to fuck you? No, I want something else from you. And if you aren't going to do it, I'm going to make you do something a lot worse...see these pictures? That's my fuckbuddy's cock. If you won't eat your cum, you'll have to eat his. Now are you going to behave or not?

CEI Blackmail
CEI Blackmail



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  • Cum Eating Instructions. Keep stroking because Casey is gonna make you a bad boy today. You see, Casey is gonna eat her cum and she wants you to eat yours, too. She wants to train you to love the taste of cum.
  • Seduced Into Eating Your Boy JuiceI make you stroke your cock for me, teasing you and edging you, making your promise to to as I say. When you cum, I have one final request; I want you to eat.
  • You Obey My InstructionsWarning: this video extra video effects that may make you highly susceptible to my orders.
  • CEI BlackmailAll men are easily figured out, weak and brainless when it comes to females. Women evoke your sex drive whether it be the desire to fuck, pleasure, or submit. Either way, the male species as a whole
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