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All About The Cum Play

What's the best part of any CEI clip? Is it when you're jerking away, working up a load for me? When you're exploding with a big orgasm? When you're swallowing that cummy treat? Nope, none of the above. The very best part of any CEI session after you cum, and before you swallow...when that load of cum is in your mouth, ready to be played with in all kinds of kinky, naughty ways.
This clip is all about the cum play. There are so many things you can do with your cum, so many cum slut possibilities in just one load. It would be a terrible waste to simply shoot and swallow. You're going to savor it with every one of your senses today.
I'll get you off. I'll make you feel oh so good, until you explode nice and hard, with lots of cum to play with.
And then...well, my imagination is the limit.
Price: $35.99 USD

All About The Cum Play
All About The Cum Play



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