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Cum On Your Face

Guess what? I'm going to make you jizz on your own face for me today. It's time to assume the position. Get ready to glaze that face with cum.
I won't let you forget your impending facial for one second of this little jerk off session. You'll start with a nice precum basecoat as you edge away. Hips up, cock pointed at your face...are you ready to coat your face with sticky semen? I don't care. Stick out your tongue. I just want to see you do it for me. My tricky countdown begins...
Before you know what's happening, there are gobs of cum shooting all over your face. Cum is everywhere, drenching your hair and coating your face. You can barely see through your cum drenched eyelashes. And that's where this clip ends...right?
Nope. Not even close. I have you just where I want you now...
Added: 5/21/20
Price: $30.24 USD

Cum On Your Face
Cum On Your Face

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