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Swallow Every Drop

Back for another load, my little cumslut? Good boy. I have a new CEI technique to teach you today, a special method I've invented to ensure that you swallow every last drop. There's no question that you'll be guzzling a big, gooey cumshot by the end of this clip; you won't even have a chance to back out.
As you edge for me, as you watch me tease and flash and seduce, you feel your desire for that creamy mouthful building and building. The first step of my foolproof method all about making you crave that jizz more than you can handle. Lying on your back, cock pointed at your face as you jerk -- I'll make sure that your load ends up exactly where it belongs. Once your mouth is brimming with jizz and your resolve is waning, I'll be taking an extra measure to ensure that every single drop slides down your throat after you spend plenty of time savoring it...
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Swallow Every Drop
Swallow Every Drop



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