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My Sissy Cuck Husband

My new lover sent us a gift! That’s right, not just me, he sent it to us. He’s excited to meet you tonight and show you how a real man can satisfy your wife. I have a special, pink outfit for my sissy girl to wear when he arrives. I know you’ll be trembling when he walks through the door, a perfect picture of masculinity and confidence while you’re wearing something so silly and revealing, but I’m sure you’ll relax quickly enough. You’re going to serve us dinner and wait on us hand and foot this evening.
Before long, we’ll creep up to the bedroom. He’s agreed to let you watch from the closet, nestled among my silky clothes while another man penetrates your wife on your bed. I’m going to plead with him to cum on my tits so that my sissy husband can lick it off.
After he leaves, I’ll describe to you every orgasm I had, in every position, to help you cum at my feet.
Added: 8/25/20
Price: $20.56 USD

My Sissy Cuck Husband
My Sissy Cuck Husband



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