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Cum Eating Class : Taste the Pre Cum

You read that right, there is only one small piece of silk in between you and My divine naked body. You think it's for you? HA! You couldn't be more wrong. My lover is on his way home from work, and I am going to surprise him with some passionate lovemaking when he gets home. His cock is everything I need and want, why would I even look at you? What is the point of showing you My naked body, when there is nothing that you could even do to pleasure Me? As if I would even let you try! No, that is not what you deserve. You deserve to be humiliated while I tell you all about some of the things that My lover and I do together. When I see his hard cock, My mouth waters and My pussy drips. You on the other hand, you have to pay Me to even look at your dick, and even then I still don't want to. I mean, why would I? It is useless to Me

Cum Eating Class : Taste the Pre Cum
Cum Eating Class : Taste the Pre Cum



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