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Cum Cleanup for Cuckie

YOU sir are my step-sister's boyfriend. Her pathetic excuse for a boyfriend, but her boyfriend nonetheless. You come over and start spying on me and my alpha boyfriend fucking! Pervert. We finish and you run away thinking you were sneaky, but NOPE! I definitely saw you. I definitely saw you and NOW... well now I've discovered that even though you're a pathetic little bitch, I may have a use for you. I'm gonna turn you into my cleanup boy... I want you to lick my cum filled pussy SPOTLESS. Theres a lot of cum on this pussy and I need you to lick it up, over and over and over again while I give you jerk off instructions and you jerk your dick. And going forward, you'd better turn your ringer on, because you DON'T want to fuck up and miss a meeting. Don't risk it. I have faith in you though...you'll be craving to eat this cum filled pussy in no time!
Added: 5/27/20
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Cum Cleanup for Cuckie
Cum Cleanup for Cuckie




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