Your are so lucky you have a hot piece of ass bartender serving you shots. Is that not the entire reason you go to the bar? I know it is. Here have a shot..Here have another shot and another. I just keep pouring our the grey goose shots and you just keep taking them. I see that your getting tipsy and your eyes are starting to glaze one so I let you take a shot from my perfect breasts! You become even weaker. I show off my ass to you, teasing you, forcing you to lean in further just to get a smell of it. I then begin to count you down and tell you to cum into a shot glass. You of course listen to what I say thinking it is going to lead to a very erotic night for you.. but nope I pour you another shot and tell you, take a shot of your cum and chase it with this shot. You stare at me in disbelief but so drunk you would do anything to please me. You take both and look up to me now completely hammered... good boy, you have officially pleased your bartender.



Tags: Lindsey Leigh, cum eating instructions

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