» » Eat your dessert for the bunny

Eat your dessert for the bunny

Everyone is sat at the Easter table, enjoying their dinner, but you...I want you to go straight for dessert this Easter! You don't need any of the other yummy stuff on the table if you can have that sweet, thick, sticky, delicious dessert, am I right?
And you're going to build it up, to create it yourself, so it will be 100% bio - all natural. I'm so nice to you, taking care of your health, making sure you don't eat any garbage, right? lol
Now get in the faggot position that I like so much and follow my instructions, little one! I want to take over your whole body, your mind and your soul with my teasing today!
I want to seduce you into oblivion and see you turn into a total cum slut for me, just to impress me and to make me happy! Get ready for it, and you better have a nice, big load prepared for today, cause I don't like being disappointed!
Added: 4/15/20
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Eat your dessert for the bunny
Eat your dessert for the bunny



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