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You'll Be Gay For Me: Intro to Coerced Bi

So… you’re a devoted little subby! You keep coming back to me because you love how much I push you. How much I coerce you to do things you have never dreamed you’d be doing! Well this time is no different. I’m going to introduce you to a BUNCH of things! I think its your time to be pushed a little further. Through the use of my sexy Step-Daddy dick strap-on, super hott gay clips (with some of the sexiest hunky gay boys I could find), having you suck on my big step-daddy cock until you gag, and even introducing you to eating your own cum, I’m going to turn you into a COCK LOVING SUBBY!!!! Thats right, I’m going to introduce you on how to be GAY for me. Don’t worry we’ll take it very slow so as not to frighten you, but…. I don’t think you’ll have any problem turning gay as fuck for me!!!! I can’t WAIT to push your limits even more over time, eventually owning that ass… eventually even some gayer things too…. But you’ll have to stick around for that ;) Enjoy this super fkn hott intro to gay town… I’m really going to have fun with you!
Added: 6/27/20
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You'll Be Gay For Me: Intro to Coerced Bi
You'll Be Gay For Me: Intro to Coerced Bi




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