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Exterminate Entitled Seed

Hello Earthling... My kind has returned to, uh, this planet... and unfortunately for you, I don’t like what I see...
My kind settled this world with superior being like myself... and when I return, what do I see?
Yea, I see some inferior entitled bitches treating my superior offspring as lower class criminals...
I’m sure you realize that I’m gonna have to fuck you all up for this... I’m gonna have to fuck you all up for this... I’m not sure if I’m gonna exterminate you quickly ... or make you all take it up the ass first but, uh, either way ur super fucked!
Stroke faster, boot wipe, boot wipe, boot wipe...
Added: 7/30/20
Price: $18.99 USD

Exterminate Entitled Seed
Exterminate Entitled Seed



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