» » Lick Your Cum Off Of Your Window - Public CEI

Lick Your Cum Off Of Your Window - Public CEI

Hi you stupid jerkaholic. You're so horny. You wanna jerkoff all the time. You wanna jerkoff anytime and anywhere. Anywhere? Really? Are that desperate? Prove it! Would you jerkoff in a public place for me? In a park, the mall, a fitting room? Do it. I want you to find a nice public place and jerkoff for me. Don't you think it's so exciting? I'll bet you even do it when you're with your friends or family. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and you just can't help but stroke yourself. You're so pathetic.
Prove to me that you're willing to jerkoff for me anytime, anywhere. Go to your window, open the blinds, and jerkoff in front of the window. Do it now loser. Prove to me what a fucking pervert you are. Don't be nervous, lol. You fucking idiot, I know you're going to do it for me. Grab your cock and start stroking, right there, in front of the window. You're so hard, so turned on. What if someone sees you? LOL! What will your neighbors think of you? They will know the truth, that you're a perverted jerkaholic loser. Jerk it faster.
I'm going to make you cum on the window. Your disgusting jizz dripping down on the window. And guess what? You're going to have to clean it up afterwards, lol. You have to clean your cum off of the window with your tongue and maybe, just maybe, someone will be watching you. So go on loser, jerk faster, cum on your window, blow a huge load. Do it for everyone to see.
Now lick it all up. Lap it up loser. Clean that window. Eat it all up loser.

Lick Your Cum Off Of Your Window - Public CEI
Lick Your Cum Off Of Your Window - Public CEI

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