You’d love to be called these names, but you aren’t even worthy of such name calling. You haven’t done the deed you’ve been daydreaming about for quite some time. It’s time you do, because I’m not satisfied with quitters.
I’m not going to gently coax you into eating your load. I won’t play games with you either. The only punishment for failing to complete the task is My disappointment.
You’re going to look into My eyes and promise Me that you’ll do it this time. You WILL do it, because a promise to Me is an oath you shall never break.
You’ll hear the words “good boy” at the conclusion of this clip, knowing that those words are addressed to the good boys who followed through and kept their promise. Knowing that the sweet words aren’t for you will hurt, you know that? That’s why you’ll ensure that you earn the words by licking up every last drop of your own sticky load.
You wouldn’t dare break your promise, will you? You know you want to be that good little cum guzzler you’ve always dreamed of being.
Stop fantasizing. Stop being a quitter. Just eat it.
That’s an order.
Added: 2/2/21
Price: $17.99 USD




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