» » Empowering your wife

Empowering your wife

I'm looking for a custom clip to listen to and/or watch while receiving a blowjob from my wife. The premise should be that you're a slightly dominant seductress who can think of nothing better than breaking down our inhibitions while humiliating me (Greg) and empowering my wife, Jen. It would begin with you asking Jen if she would like to suck some cock and receiving a bit of a shock when she pulls down my shorts to find me wearing a pair of pink sissy panties. The humiliation should start with light giggling and work up to name calling (sissy, faggot, dicklicker, etc.) and would include talk of bi. While guiding/instructing Jen how to perform the act on my small dick you would suggest to her what it would be like to suck on a real man's cock and see how excited she gets just thinking about it. Meanwhile, you'll be egging me on making me ask her to finger my ass and wiggle and beg like a slut. Please also include some suggestions of blackmail (photos my me in panties to be sent to her friends, my coworkers or you to post online). At the end you will tell me to cum in her mouth and then tell Jen to kiss me, feeding me all my own cum and then taking her out to a club to find some real men to fuck.
Price: $25.19 USD

Empowering your wife
Empowering your wife



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