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Suffer to Cum

Beg to suffer for My pleasure. you can't help jerking off to My perfection, My amazing latex clad body. you are getting aroused by just looking at Me, imagining worshipping every inch of Me.. I get you to your knees, grovelling beneath My boot soles right where you belong, begging to lick them clean. you want to stroke that slave dick for Me? Get ready to obey Me and suffer for Me, slave. I make your cock and balls My pain toys. I'll slap the cum right out of them until you cum on the floor at My boots and lick up every last drop for Me. Hold your breath as I smother your unworthy face with My amazing latex ass. Worship! Suffer for this view beneath Me. Suffer to cum!
Added: 2/17/21
Price: $13.19 USD

Suffer to Cum
Suffer to Cum



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