» » My sissy and his BI experience

My sissy and his BI experience

My devoted sissy is begging for my attention! With his small penis he is able to do anything to have his Mistress close to him! And I'll be cruel with my sissy slave! Today is lesson time for you!!! I'll you to BI!!! you to suck the huge cock!...Now on your knees sissy and open your mouth....as wide as you can! Get ready for some mouth fuck...open...What! Stay right there and suck and tease that cock with your mouth!!! Is so big.....take it deep sissy!!! And you'll taste all his warm cum! Stay on your knees with your mouth wide open.... every single drop of his sperm must finish in your mouth! And now close it and let it deep into you throat!!!......GOOD SISSY!!!
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My sissy and his BI experience
My sissy and his BI experience

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