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Play With Your Delicious Cum

I have some very special plans for you, my little jizz gulper, so you'll need to have three big loads saved for me. We both know how much it turns me on to make you eat your own cum, and you're certainly going to do that for me today - but I want even more. I'm dying to see you play with and eat your cum in dirty, naughty ways, performing tasks that only my kinky little mind could think up. See, I have a secret for you: I'm a cumslut too, and I want to share with you some of my filthiest favorite things to do with a big load of cum.
I'll edge you until you're powerless to resist my instructions. I just love having you on the brink of orgasm, right at that point where you'll do anything for me! And then I'll reveal three tasks for you to perform, one for each load of saved cum. My instructions will become increasingly dirty and my edging increasingly intense as you become more and more desperate for orgasm.
When I finally allow you to come, you'll have your legs over your head and your cock pointed right into your mouth. You'll swallow every fucking drop of it; the jizz will shoot straight onto your tongue, and you won't have a chance to even think about chickening out. But you won't swallow right away - I'm going to make you savor it...
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Play With Your Delicious Cum
Play With Your Delicious Cum


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