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All of your friends have warned you about Me: the weird girl they hooked up with during a study date. They’ve told you that I’m “freaky…” but not in a good way.
Still, curiosity got the best of you. As strange as you might find Me, you still can acknowledge that I’m hot. You wouldn’t mind getting a chance to fuck a girl like Me, now matter how perverted I may be.
However, your friends were lying. They never hooked up with Me… they were just trying to save you, as well as save themselves of the embarrassment of what actually ensued during our rendezvous.
I like to study boys like you: observing the fear in your eyes, the arousal, coupled by pure anxiety… it all makes Me so fucking wet.
It’s the power I hold when I flash My tits and put My ass in your face that gets Me all riled up. You become eager to touch yourself in front of Me, even if that itself is quite embarrassing.
What do I intend on doing with this power? Well, you’re going to do something disgusting for Me: you’ll slurp up your load in front of your study date. I won’t doubt that you’ll do it, because you’ll be eager to cum after I tease you relentlessly with My body…
…and because if you don’t, I’ll tell everyone that you did it, anyway.
If you do obey My orders, then we can keep this our little secret. Either way, I don’t doubt I’ll get My way as long as I make you stroke that horny cock.
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Study Date
Study Date



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