» » Cum On Your Face Just For Me

Cum On Your Face Just For Me

I have a very special task for you today, cumslut: a self-facial. See, nothing turns me on more than making a cum-hungry man like you shoot a massive load all over his very own face; and that's exactly what you're going to do for me today.
You're not sure if you can go through with it, are you? You're not sure if you can handle the gobs of semen covering your eyelids, running down your nose, dripping into your mouth? If you can bring yourself to wrap your legs behind your head and just let go? And all before I make you scoop it into that thirst, slutty mouth of yours!
Well, you can handle it, and you will. I'll tease you to the end of your life, instructing you to perform the tantalizing foreplay that I know drives you crazy - you'll be begging to have your facial and eat it too before I even let you touch that cock of yours. But you're not going to do this for your own pleasure, you'll be doing it for my pleasure. You know that nothing would turn me on more, and you'd do anything for me - I already know that.

Cum On Your Face Just For Me
Cum On Your Face Just For Me


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