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CEI by Danni King

I have a task for you. It's a gift really. This isn't just any normal session bitch. No, I want you to stroke, stroke, stroke. Not only will you be eating that cum, you are going to learn to eat lots of cum. This is your Bukkake training. I want you to jerk, jerk, jerk! Right here is a lot of cum saved just for you to drink it up! Every day you will be eating that cum. Maybe you can even put cum ice cubes in your drinks and soup! What a loser you are! You are going to be my little cum whore! I don't care if you don't want to either. You are going to eat that cum right now too, don't think you have escaped this! Cum for me loser, now lick it all up. You are going to have tons of guys cumming all over that face of yours. You will be my dirty little cum loving slut!

CEI by Danni King
CEI by Danni King



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