» » Punishing My BFF's BF

Punishing My BFF's BF

You and My BFF have been dating for awhile now, but I've always caught you looking at Me. I knew you wanted Me, and one day at the pool I decided to bait you into admitting it. While your gf was sun tanning by the pool I called you into My room. I told you that I caught you looking at Me and it turned Me on, and that we should fuck while My friend was at the pool. You agreed. Well, that was the wrong answer. I told you that you need to be punished for being such a desperate perv, or else I'd tell your gf. You can either gargle your own cum or have your relationship ruined. Which one?
Added: 2/18/21
Price: $13.19 USD

Punishing My BFF's BF
Punishing My BFF's BF

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