» » Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl

Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl

Now you're going to rub yourself to the edge and you're going to cum in your hand, and then, without thinking, you're going to put it up to your mouth and slurp it all up like the good little cum dumpster that you're going to become for me. Lick it all up sissy. Drink it all down. That's a good little cum dumpster. I can tell you're going to be such a horny little cum slut for me. Eating cum is what good little sissy whores do, and they suck off and swallow whatever Goddess wants them to. You're basically just a bunch of holes at my disposal.
Added: 4/30/20
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Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl
Reprogramming Your Sissy Brain To Cum Like A Girl



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