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Biggest Loser Beat Down

You know I have a crush on you. You tell me you invited me over to help you play out your fantasy. But then, as you start to slowly put on some black leather gloves, you tell me your fantasy is for you and your boyfriend to beat the fuck out of pathetic losers like me, then terminating them. I clearly don't know how to take what you just said. You smile but are completely serious. Your boyfriend is in the next room, waiting for your signal. You ask me what i'm thinking, if i'm scared of what's about to happen to me. I’m clearly scared, still unsure if you’re telling the truth or just trying to scare me. You assure me that this is really happening. You’re tone is serious and most terrifying of all, you give off the impression that you’ve done this before, likely more than once. “Are you ready you fucking loser?” you ask while giving me the L sign with your gloved hand. You signal your boyfriend to enter (you call him baby the whole time, and you call me loser or bitch). He’s behind me for the whole video (so no need to have anyone actually there - when you talk to him you are looking past the camera. “Got your gloves on baby? Alright let’s do this, get him – fuck him up for me”. He starts beating me while you laugh, telling him what to do, how you want him to hurt me. Punches, kicks, chokes. You eventually want in on the action, you tell him to hold my head back, exposing as much of my throat as possible. Then you throat punch me as hard as you can. You laugh as I’m on the ground, gasping to catch any breath I can. You mock my struggling to breathe. While he chokes me from behind with his gloved hands, holding me in place, you start to strip down my pants and underwear. You laugh. “I knew it, it’s like every loser we pick has a tiny dick”. You take some time to humiliate me, giving me the inch sign, playing with your pinky, suggesting that I’m probably a virgin. Then you openly wonder how strong my balls are. Are they as strong as your gloved hand? You reach down, grab my balls and start to squeeze. Quickly escalating the pressure. I try to scream but can only manage gasping yelps because of your boyfriend continuously choking me from behind, easing up on the pressure every now and then to make sure I don’t pass out, then applying more. You squeeze, and squeeze and squeeze until finally, you feel one of my testicles just burst into mush under the powerful grasp of your gloved hand. You laugh and tell your boyfriend that you popped one. Tears are filling up my eyes the pain is so intense, so you make fun of me for crying. Then you tell me it’s time for my last meal. Your boyfriend my mouth open while you pull out a used condom, full of his cum. You pour out every drop into my mouth, then you even throw the empty used condom right in my mouth too. He my mouth closed and you grab my throat. You push your thumbs under my chin, slowly and moving them back and down my throat as you me to swallow the condom. “Swallow it bitch” you say as your face is right up against the camera. Once I’ve swallowed it, you spite in my face and tighten your grip around my neck. You sadistically choke me while starring closely and intensely at my watered up eyes while your boyfriend continues to hold my mouth firmly shut with his gloved hands. You squeeze so hard and long I eventually lose consciousness. You stop and check my pulse. “Okay baby get the rope ready while he’s out. I start to wake up. You’re not even the slightest bit concerned that you haven’t tied me up yet, or slipped the rope over my head. You grab my hair and shove the rope in my face so I get a good hard look at what’s about to happen. You secure it over my head. You tell me it’s all going to be over soon – speaking to me like I’m a invalid. Then you give him the signal to pull me up. You laugh – you tell your boyfriend how this is the best part. Seeing the helpless look in their eyes,the feet kicking, the body squirming, tiny dick exposed. You mock the open mouth, tongue sticking out as you make chocking sounds with your hands behind your back to make fun of me. You tell your boyfriend to tie me off and enjoy the show. My tiny dick starts to get an erection. Then I meekly start to piss myself. You and you boyfriend are laughing hysterically and how pathetic I am. You waive by to me, and give me the finger. “Bye bye, fuck you loser, you’re going to dye now” you say mockingly........
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Biggest Loser Beat Down
Biggest Loser Beat Down



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