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The Carrot And The Stick

Eating cum for me isn't a choice; it's an imperative. It's easy to simply beat off to a CEI video and then back out in the most important moment--usually. But not today. This CEI clip won't be over until you've swallowed every last drop. I will make you do it: if not with the carrot, then with the stick.
Pull out a cup and start jerking. Point your cock straight at that cup, and stroke stroke stroke. You'll explode right into this glass, and then you'll slurp to all down. Every last drop, licking the cup clean. The pleasure of downing a big mouthful of cum while watching my sexy, teasing body, and then basking in the glow of my gleeful praise...that's the carrot.
Or perhaps you'll disobey. If you fail to give me the pleasure of you to eat your cum? That's where the stick comes in. Look at that load of cum. It's a shame you didn't swallow it--yet--because things are going to get more challenging.
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The Carrot And The Stick
The Carrot And The Stick



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