» » Poppers Make You Gay!

Poppers Make You Gay!

MILF Princess Kristi's is sitting in front of you dressed in a low cut dress and speaks to you cam-girl style in this POV mind-fucking clip. She makes you sniff lots of poppers and get intoxicated for her, mind fucks and brainwashes you with her humiliating yet hypnotic words to make you want to suck a cock. She shows you gay images on her tablet. She makes you jerk off, orgasm. eat it and becum her pet. No nudity
"Make sure you have your poppers ready before you start watching this clip. Today we are going to discuss your gay fantasy. The fantasy that you keep hidden away from everybody and even from yourself. I know deep down you are a homosexual and you want to suck cock but are too afraid of admitting so. With the help of your poppers I am going to bring the fantasy out of you and make it come alive in your head. You will also being jerking off in this video which will help seal the deal....You'll like this video if you enjoy: Jerk Off Instruction - Cum Eating Instruction - Domination - Forced Bi - FemDom POV - Poppers - Mind Fuck"

Poppers Make You Gay!
Poppers Make You Gay!

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