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Sissy Cam Audition 3

This is a continuation of "Sissy Cam Audition" 1 and 2. I suggest you purchase those first, but you don't need to in order to follow along.
This is your third training session with Me. You're almost ready to begin camming as a sissy slut, you just need a little more practice. For this session I ask you to bring a dildo, and 10 saved loads- 6 frozen and 4 thawed. I start off making you pour one of your thawed loads on the dildo, and making you suck it off. The whole point of this session is to teach you to LOVE dick and cum. I want to turn you into a cum&cock crazed sissy. I make you repeat humiliating phrases for Me, and moan as you suck cum off your dildo. After you've finished off all your saved loads, I make you beg for a fresh one in your mouth. After you cum, I instruct you to drool your orgasm back out onto your dildo, and suck it back up again. As a sissy slut I want you to be DISGUSTING and cum hungry.
Published Aug 21, 2021
Cum Eating Instructions, Sissy Training
Bi Encouragement, Bi Humiliation, Bisexual, CEI, Face Fucking, Small Penis Humiliation,

Sissy Cam Audition 3
Sissy Cam Audition 3



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