» » Sissy Humiliation, JOI, & CEI

Sissy Humiliation, JOI, & CEI

In this originally custom made video I show you pictures of my sissy sluts shrimp dick. Using him as an example, I show you how to stroke such a small cock and just how I want you to Torment yourself. We play a fun game of red light, green light and I tease you with my scrumptious body. I laugh at you while I ruin your orgasm and make you finish in your mouth, only to tell you exactly how I'm going to make you eat your disgusting cum. Be a good sissy bitch for me.
Female Domination-FemDom, Sissy Slave-Sissy Sub
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Sissy Humiliation, JOI, & CEI
Sissy Humiliation, JOI, & CEI




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