» » CEI for Pussies #2

CEI for Pussies #2

You are so turned on by the idea of eating, tasting, licking and swallowing your own cum... so much so, you orgasm so hard! Then, when it comes time to actually eat your cum, you pussy out! That is completely unacceptable. This behavior simply cannot continue so it is time for Me to step in and ensure that, this time, you really will follow through and eat it. Not only am I quite convincing, you will soon see that you literally have no choice. No more excuses, no more bullshit from you. You are stroking not to the idea of eating your cum but to the fact that, very soon, cum will be oozing down your bitch throat for real. You really will be My cum eating bitch!
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CEI for Pussies #2
CEI for Pussies #2




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