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Dirty Little Masturbater

(custom-no names) Custom request. You call me things like "daddy" and "dirty little maturbator" while instructing me graphically on how to stroke myself to orgasm. You also guide me through anal play, telling "my pretty sissy" to rub his butthole ("boy pussy"), stick fingers in, and ultimate stick toys inside while you do the same to yourself during the masturbation instruction. Maybe start off with pussy rubbing/play and then switch to anal when you tell me to play with my "manpussy"/"girly-hole." The seductive, encouraging talk is key. It's less "faggot" and more "you want to be a dirty little girl for me," "you look so pretty with your toy in your girly-hole" etc. At the end, you graphically instruct me to put my legs up over my head and cum on my face, showing me yourself by lying back, hoisting your legs up (so I get a good view of your pussy), and saying things like "now stare right at that little peehole and tell it how much you want it to cum in your face. Drain those sissy balls right into your mouth. A close of your face at the end telling me to give you a deep kiss. You can just call me "daddy" and "pretty little girl."

Dirty Little Masturbater
Dirty Little Masturbater


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