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Pre Cum Eating & Facial Training - CEI JOI

Time to take another wild ride with CEI! You are going to make sure there isn’t a single drop missed as pre-cum oozes out of your cock the entire session. CEI, your favorite meal of the day, is one that you will never stop indulging on. I trained you to be a pre-cum eating, self facial, submissive good boy for me. I want to build this addiction to make sure you never escape this endless cycle of stroking and eating. The harder you get, the weaker you become. You will never makes a mess without cleaning it up with your tongue ever again. Lucky you.
Published Jan 26, 2021
Cum Eating Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction-JOI
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Pre Cum Eating & Facial Training - CEI JOI
Pre Cum Eating & Facial Training - CEI JOI




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