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Talia Tate - Self Facial CEI

This one is for all my dirty little cum sluts that love making a filthy mess and cleaning it up. I want you to get flexible for me today, and if that means using a wall or a stack of pillows then so be it. I want that cock aimed toward that slutty mug of yours so that when you spurt it’s going to cascade all over your face. You can open your mouth to catch a few drops, but the purpose of this exercise is to give yourself a cumslut facial so don’t swallow it all right away. After you’ve covered your face in your hot and sticky semen I want you to scrape it off with your fingers and slurp it all down just like a good little whore should.
Published Feb 6, 2022
Cum Eating Instructions, Slave Task
Brunette, CEI, CEI Encouragement, FemDom, FemDom POV, MILF, Pantyhose,

Talia Tate - Self Facial CEI
Talia Tate - Self Facial CEI




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