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Eat Cum For Brat Girlfriends

Mimi and Louise have just enjoyed an afternoon of girlie bedroom fun and you've missed it all! You missed them kissing and touching each other as they wriggled around in bed together - your loss loser! The girls think it would teach you a lesson if they gave you a humiliating 2 girl ordeal so they stub out their cigarettes and order you to strip. At first you think your luck is about to change as Louise starts to slowly suck your cock but the insults being thrown at you by Mimi soon bring you back down to earth. The girls want you to squirt out your sissy goo so that they can watch you slurp it all up for them. You're going to eat cum in front of 2 mean brats as they laugh and humiliate you and then, just to amuse them a little bit more, they're going to force you into lingerie before throwing you out of their house. Next time you're invited to a girl-on-girl party you'd better arrive on time sissy!

Eat Cum For Brat Girlfriends
Eat Cum For Brat Girlfriends


Tags: Mimi, Louise, cum eating instructions

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