» » Scarlett Belle - Summer Of Submission: Edge and Swallow

Scarlett Belle - Summer Of Submission: Edge and Swallow

I'm sure you're feeling super frustrated after last time when I ruined your orgasm. And look at you, perving on me in a bikini as usual. Time for me to take control of that cock again!
I'm not going to make this easy on you. I'll make you stroke hard and fast to my big tits, edging you as many times as I want to. I'm going to make you earn your orgasm today, and entertain myself in the process.
I want you truly desperate to cum, willing to do anything to earn a real orgasm...even willing to swallow your load for me. Mind over matter babe, hold in that cum no matter how tempted you are to blow early!
Make your cock drip, and lick up your pre-cum. Get yourself ready to swallow your load, because everything that comes out of your dick is going in your mouth! I'll tell you exactly when to cum, and tell you how to clean up your mess. I'll have you turned into a well-trained sub by the end of the summer!
Published Jul 4, 2022
Cum Eating Instructions, Edging Fetish
Bikini, Bikini Goddess, CEI, CEI Encouragement, Cum Eating Instructions, Edgeplay, Edging, Jerk Off Instruction, JOI, Sub Training,

Scarlett Belle - Summer Of Submission: Edge and Swallow
Scarlett Belle - Summer Of Submission: Edge and Swallow




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