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Miss Vixen - The Cum Eating Type

You think you're so naughty, but you're honestly pretty vanilla. You dream of being kinky and the first thing that comes to mind, the one that really gets you going, has always been eating your own load. Unfortunately for you, you frequently find yourself bitching out in the glow of post-orgasm bliss, Encouraged to commit to the hard work of eating your load and therefore unable to truly call yourself a Naughty Boy eating his snack. Thankfully for you, I have a few suggestions on helping with your follow through. There's a whole wide world of kink out there and mastering CEI is the first step. Let's get started!
[This is a custom I have chosen to share. No name was used.]
CEI, CEI Encouragement, Cum Eating Instructions, Ruined Jerk Session, Ruined Orgasm, Ruined Orgasms, Sensual Domination,

Miss Vixen - The Cum Eating Type
Miss Vixen - The Cum Eating Type


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