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Princess Violette - Total Control CEI

The hottest, most dominant CEI clip I've ever made. I'm taking total control and using my powerful beauty to turn you into a permanent cum eating bitch for me. You'll be dripping pre-cum before I even allow you to stroke. I'll be telling you how exactly to stroke, how you will cum, how you will eat your cum...every step of the way. You'll be on edge the entire time as I play games with your mind and treat you like my little toy. Making you realize who you really are and how much you have been craving this and needing this your whole life. Eating your cum for me will become your sex life.
Cum Eating Instructions, Jerk Off Instruction-JOI
Ass Tease, CEI, Cock Control, Edging, Edging Fetish, Female Domination, FemDom, FemDom JOI, Goddess Worship, Leather,

Princess Violette - Total Control CEI
Princess Violette - Total Control CEI


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