» » Miss Luscious - Slutty Cum Sucker

Miss Luscious - Slutty Cum Sucker

We both know you're a pathetic little loser. We also both know you'll do whatever I say. Losers like you can't ever get with girls like me... or girls in general that is. That's why I'm going to train you to become a slutty like cum sucker. I'm going to have you jerk off that pathetic thing you call a dick, as you prepare yourself to lick off every last drop of cum, like the little gay boy you're going to become. Practice makes perfect. Have to practice before your next step of becoming my little slut.
NOTE: You will need a dildo for this. ;)
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Miss Luscious -  Slutty Cum Sucker
Miss Luscious -  Slutty Cum Sucker




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