» » MissLuscious - Slutty Cum sucker part 2

MissLuscious - Slutty Cum sucker part 2

Alright you little pervert, it's time for step 2 in your training to becoming my little slutty cum sucker. I'm going to form you into the perfect little cum slut, step by step.. and this is your next task. Once I have you get yourself hard, I'm going to have to put that dildo that you used in the last cum eating training video in a more exciting place today. Nervous? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. You'll have to it. It's not like a pathetic loser like you is ever going to touch another woman again, so better practice getting used to taking cocks in every slutty perverted way there is. Are you ready to be my little cum slut? Are you ready for your next load? Let's see.. You will need a dildo.. and maybe some lube unless you like it rough for this ;)
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MissLuscious - Slutty Cum sucker part 2
MissLuscious - Slutty Cum sucker part 2




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