» » Lucy Skye - CEI No Backing Out

Lucy Skye - CEI No Backing Out

(cum eating instructions with cum countdown) Nothing is better than knowing I have subs as pathetic as you to do exactly what I say. This time- we're going to get you to jerk off onto your hand and make you eat it up. There is absolutely no room for pussies here - and by that I mean you are committing to following through with these instructions. Accept and give in to the power that I have over you. Its easy to let go once you have acknowledged that you are in a fully submissive positive. Watch Me, your Goddess, tease you with My perfect ass and demanding tone while I humiliate you into cumming. Remember - there is NO backing out - once you've cum - you are under FULL obligation to lick up every last drop
Cum Countdown, Cum Eating Instruction, Cum Play, Cum Swallowers, Femdom

Lucy Skye - CEI No Backing Out
Lucy Skye - CEI No Backing Out


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