» » Princess Lyne - 7 Day CEI Conditioning

Princess Lyne - 7 Day CEI Conditioning

So many addicts watch My CEI clips, but don't actually follow through. But now I have the perfect plan. You're going to watch this clip over and over for 4 days straight, getting yourself EXTRA worked up, but NO cumming! At the end of those 4 days, you'll be more than ready to eat all of that yummy cum for Me. Actually.. I think I like the idea of Encouraging you to do it… I want you protesting and begging Me to not make you follow through. Hahaha… Oh god, this is going to be great. I have a full 7 days of conditioning you to eat your own cum for Me, and you WILL do it!
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Princess Lyne - 7 Day CEI Conditioning
Princess Lyne - 7 Day CEI Conditioning




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