» » Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI

Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI

You look a little nervous¦ a little un-well actually. I think you need something specific today, not just your average jerk off instruction clip. I think you need your own personal remedy. That's it! I think you need to eat your own cum today! It's going to make you feel ALLLL better. You've been fantasizing about it eating your cum for Me, for SO LONG now. Well, it's finally time you do it. Once you finally do it, you're going to feel so much better.. you'll feel like a million bucks! I always know what's best for you, ALWAYS! And don't you DARE even think about backing out! Flip those legs over your head and take your medicine, bitch! Get all that cum out, and then pat yourself on the back for FINALLY eating your own cum FOR ME!
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Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI
Princess Lyne - Personalized Remedy CEI




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