» » Hot Juls Fetishes - Duties For My Sissy Cuckold

Hot Juls Fetishes - Duties For My Sissy Cuckold

(custom request). As my in-house cuckold, I expect you to be at my feet at all times. My wish is your command. Today you will get a taste of what it's like to be on call all the time. Your duties include helping me with my lingerie, laundry, cooking, bathing, massages, fluffing my alpha lover for my hot pussy, attending parties when allowed. As a reward, well, being my cuckold is your reward already. You will be allowed to clean my Creampie panties, worship my perfect post-orgasmic pussy. I call you into my room and tell you that my lover just left. I am wearing a sexy see-through robe, and my panties are covered in his delicious cum. I know you can almost taste it. I praise you as my good sissy cuck. You fluffed my lover so good earlier, his cock was so hard, he fucked me for hours. Now you get a little leftover treat. I put you on my pink leash and pull you closer to feed you yummy treat off my thongs. I know you are very weak for me and so horny...but I will not allow you to cum until I get what I want from you. "Did you polish my shoes as I told you, sissy?" "Did you prepare my lingerie for my party tonight, sissy?" . I take off my robe and put on my black panties that you picked out for me. You look like a pathetic begging bitch...You wish you could come with me to my party. Dialog: "Ok , fine, sissy, you may come with me. But before we go I want you to take care of that little erection you have in your pink panties. I don't need you all horny sitting next to me at the party. You will be at my feet as I sit next to my lover, making out with him. Yes, you may kiss my feet only". I put on my sexy stockings while teasing you with my hot ass, big tits and little pussy....I know exactly how my sissy cuckold should be cumming. I give you lots of visual stimulation, sensual encouragement , to have you cum in your pink panties (as always). Sexy & Very Interactive Video
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Hot Juls Fetishes - Duties For My Sissy Cuckold
Hot Juls Fetishes - Duties For My Sissy Cuckold




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