» » Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It

Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It

You're going to do something special for me today. Something extra humiliating. You are gonna go to the store and buy some adult diapers. I wonder what the people in the store will think? LOL But that's far less humiliating than what I'm going to have you do. You're going to go home and strip down nude and jump in the shower and shave your Entire body! I want every single fucking hair on your body removed. Then put on one of your new diapers. You knew this was coming. It's pretty comfortable isn't it? LOL
Now I want you to wank off in that diaper. Stick your hand down in your little diapey and wank it off. It feels so good, doesn't it? Just forget about the fact that you're wearing a diaper and keep jerking off. Wank off to the humiliating memory of buying those diapers, wank to your smooth skin, wank off the fact that you're wearing a diaper even though you're not really into that. You're doing it for me, to please me and that feels so good. Faster and faster in your little diapey. You're such a fucking loser.
You're loving this humiliation, it feels so good. If only people knew what you were doing right now. Keep wanking it loser. C'mon stroke that little cock in your diaper. The humiliation is making you so horny. You can't help how you're feeling.
Now I'm going to give you a little cum countdown... Get ready to cream in your diaper... Do it, cum in your diaper, cum in that stupid fucking diaper. And now you know what I want you to do... You knew this was coming... Take off your diaper, there's cum in it. What are you going to do?What do you do when there's leftover cum? Flip it inside out and start sucking all that cum off of that diaper. Slurp it down like it's milk. And now you have to live with this for the rest of your life!

Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It
Cum In Your Stupid Diaper And Eat It

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