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One Load Isn't Enough For You

Chastity Lynn Hey losers, today you're going to need three things, a dildo, a condom and a pin. Now before we begin, I want you to get your dick nice and hard. Jerk it for me. Then I want you to put that condom on while you jerk and I want you to cum for me. Cum right into that condom and fill it up. Milk out every last drop. Here's the tricky part. I want you to take the cum filled condom and carefully put it on your dildo. Try not to spill any, idiot. Now take that cum filled condom covered dildo and I want you to fuck your ass. That's right, bend over and stick it deep inside your asshole. I want you to pound your ass. I know you love it. Fuck that ass you dirty fucking faggot! I'll bet your dick is rock hard again. Fuck your ass and jerk your hard cock. It feels so good to have that dildo buried so deep in your ass. Now I want you to take that dildo out of your ass and I want you to take that pin and poke a little hole in the tip of the condom. Then you're going to suck all of that cum out. That's right, take the dildo from your ass and put it in your mouth. Suck out your cum loser. Suck it out from that dirty dildo that was just in your ass. Suck it like the fag that you are. Wrap your lips around it and suck out all of your cum that's been in your ass. Yum I'll bet your cock is so hard. You love it when I degrade you. You're such a dirty slut. I'll bet that cum tastes so good. When you're done eating it all, I want you to put that dildo back up your ass and flip your legs up over your head. You're such a horny little slut I know you want more. One load isn't enough for you. I want you to fuck your ass and jerk your cock in your face. Then I want you to blow a second load all over your face. Slurp it all up.

One Load Isn't Enough For You
One Load Isn't Enough For You


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