» » Cum Eating Is So Degrading, But You Love It

Cum Eating Is So Degrading, But You Love It

I know why you're here, to rub that needy dick, to squirt, and eat that filthy load. So salty, so runny, so sticky, so gross! Yet here you are. Because it tastes of submission and that is what you want, what you need, to be degraded in the worst way. It's not because of the taste, or the goopy texture... eating your cum makes you feel like a submissive, insignificant loser. But that's only part of it. The main reason you're doing this, is because I'm telling you to. And you live to obey.
Grab that pulsating cock and pump it for me. Jerk that dick however you want. This isn't a jerkoff instruction video, it's not about directing how to touch that needy dick of yours. It's about directing you after you spray your load. Because you want this. It's why you're watching this video. You know what you're watching, you know what I'm going to make you do, and you're still here, because you want it. You want to eat your cum for me, you want that more than anything.
You're going to be a good boy and lap up all of that cum for me. You're going to be my good little cum eater. I know you're getting so close, you're going to explode for me. Do it, cum for me. Now look down at the mess you made. Look at this delicious sticky goo. It's your offering and you will consume it for me. Not just a little taste, you will swallow all of it down. This is what you will separate you from the rest. Swallow it down for me. Slurp it all up and become my good cum eating little bitch.

Cum Eating Is So Degrading, But You Love It
Cum Eating Is So Degrading, But You Love It


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