» » Your teacher Drains You in Detention

Your teacher Drains You in Detention

Teacher Drains your Little Dick in Detention I can’t stand it any longer; time and time again I catch you sitting in the back of my classroom, your hand down your pants, touching yourself as you watch me in the front of the class room educating your follow students who are here to learn. I am by far the most attractive teacher here, perhaps the most beautiful woman you have ever seen…a lot more pretty than your mother or sister. You are completely obsessed with me, not only jerking your cock in my classroom but then going home and using your favorite lotion, probably something floral that belongs to your Mommie, locked in your bedroom you spend ALL YOUR AFTER SCHOOL TIME stroking your pathetic little cock, thinking of me and how you wish I was controlling you, instructing you from beginning to end on how to touch yourself and make yourself cum like a big boy! I have decided to hold you after school in detention, after a stern talking too, I begin to tease you with my Perfect body, long legs peeking out of the bottom of my Pencil thin skirt, my low cut top shows off my lovely cleavage, I smell so good, and look even better, when I remove my blouse you are immediately HARD, you want to see more, I am even more PERFECT then you had been imagining during your marathon spank sessions. I tell you to begin stroking yourself, follow my instructions Mr. maybe if I help you get off you will start behaving in school, spending less time jerking off and More time on homework and your studies, I take off my bra, and tease you with my Full all natural 34D tits, you continue to stroke you baby dick for me, I unzip my skirt and slide it down my firm ass encouraging you to touch yourself but not to cum until you are instructed to do so. I have a special little treat in store for the Naughty Boy in class…Stroke and Pull that dickie of yours, that’s right it feels so good and it’s our little secret. I decide when you come and force you to blow your load for me all over these HUGE ALL NATURAL TITS!!! That’s right how did you get so lucky, you were such a BAD BAD BOY and now you get to cum all over my tittys? MMmmmmm Hmmmmmm that’s right boy BLOW IT ALL OVER MY BIG BREAST, Now you little sh.it get down on your fucking knees, crawl your pathetic little ass over to me, you won’t be getting off that easy you will be punished for being such a Class clown and Chronic Jerk Off Boy you are going to lick up every LAST DROP of your filthy cum off these huge tits of mine. I want every little bit of your filthy cum load gone from my perfect chest…If you EVER disrupt my classroom again…You will be doing a lot more then cleaning up cum, you will be taking a FUCKING from Teacher!
This clip contains: Masturbation instruction, tit worship, all natural, young, female, orgasm control, cum eating instruction, JOI, CEI, fetish, eye glasses, femdom POV, female domination, control, powerful, tease, goddess worship, older woman/younger man, teacher fantasy, masturbation encouragement, and so much more for my little fucktards!

Your teacher Drains You in Detention
Your teacher Drains You in Detention


Tags: Miss Brandon, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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