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Eat Cum, Get Healthy

Has it been a while since you've eaten? You must be starving. I have just the thing for you. As you stare into my magical moonstone pendant, you find yourself believing every word I say as if it were fact. You want something to fill your belly? The most delicious snack right now would be your own delicious cum. It's full of vitamins and minerals and so healthy for you.Once you are completely under my control, you find yourself craving the taste of your own cum as if it were your last meal. I prescribe your daily diet which will help you lose weight and get healthier. You'll be jerking off in the morning and CREAM in your coffee, jerk off during your lunch break in the bathroom and eat it, until you can get home for dinner. You'll be getting all the vitamins you have been lacking in your unhealthy fast food diet. I can't have that. Your creamy cum will be your diet secret. Now let's practice with your first load...This magical and hypnotic clip brainwashes you into a little craving cum eater.
This clip includes: cum eating instruction, CEI, masturbation instruction, JOI, cum, tease and denial, magical, hypnotic, hypnosis, and FemDom POV.

Eat Cum, Get Healthy
Eat Cum, Get Healthy


Tags: Miss Kelle Martina, cum eating instructions, masturbation instructions

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