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Cum Eating Instruction - Autofellatio

I think it is so sexy when a guy can lick and suck his own cock, taking it deep into his mouth before blowing his creamy load down his own throat. And with my trusty, purple strap-on, I can share the experience of sucking my own prick, giving you the boost of inspiration you need to get your head bobbing on your own thick dick. Bending down to suck my own silicone cock, I feel so proud and horny when I graze the dickhead with my tongue. I can imagine the hard prick throbbing in my hand, and I try flipping my slender legs over my head to get more of the big penis in my mouth. Mmso satisfying! The only thing that would make this better would be if I had balls brimming with hot cum to spurt all over my pouty lips.
Contains: Cum Eating Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, Autofellatio, Self sucking, Strapon, Female Domination

Cum Eating Instruction - Autofellatio
Cum Eating Instruction - Autofellatio


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